Lea Neckel is a transmedia artist, tiktok personality and costume & stage designer based in Vienna.

Drawing from her background in classical theatre productions and costume design, her works are influenced by her internet presence and queer community online.

Utilizing these subcultural references and lived experience she is realizing her works in the form of sculptures, performances and installations. Sharing her life online as an integral part of her artistic practice becomes a ritualistic form of self expression, reflected in the multitude of her works.

She is working as a freelance Set and Costume Designer for a variety of productions.

She is currently stuying at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna in the Class of Jakob Lena Knebl / Transmedia Art


revirtualizing - drowning in reality 
dreaming in a dream
keeping the balance 69
inflatable sculptures
link 2 reality
lost in fluid identity
flower dreams

social media presence 

Lea Neckel aka 69Lean666 erzählt lustige Geschichten aus ihrem Leben

69Lean666 Tiktok Account mit Thrift Hauls, Styling Videos und Koch und Färbe Tutorials und vielem mehr ;)

revirtualizing - drowning in reality

multi level installation in collaboration with hannah neckel
exhibited as a solo position at parallel vienna in september 2022

Based on the cyber-aesthetic of hyper-femme online spaces and their users, this immersiveinstallation reflects the extravagant opulence of utopian visions of the future.A fountain as a sculptural focal point is surrounded by accompanying besties and bathed inluminous pink light, which is reflected in and scattered throughout the sculpture's iridescentmaterial.

Merging the virtual into the physical, this installation offers an emotional XXXperience as a call to possible utopian visions of the future and shows Space as a community-creating impetus.Revirtualizing - drowning in reality translates the phenomenon of digitalization and the quest forbalance between real and virtual spaces into an Emotional Experience.

The formal language of the work corresponds to the digital aesthetics of the Internet and highlightsits hyperfemme opulent aspects.The dialogue about digital future design is often exclusively male. In contrast, a fem-queer positionis generated, leading online as well as offline reality towards a feminist future.Marginalized groups often use online spaces as a retreat and meeting place for their communities.

revirtualizing - drowning in reality aims to give visibility to these communities, and offer thepossibility to translate these online spaces into a physical place where offline coming together andconnecting becomes possible.The eternal flow of water in the fountain mirrors the seemingly perpetual flow of the internet. Thestate of time is completely dissolved and the illusion of a fixed reality is broken. The current actualstate is replaced by a positivistic internet utopia.

dreaming in a dream

a conceptual collaborative project with hannah neckel 
exhibited in april 2022 at the dessous in vienna 

Dreaming in a dream explores how dreams interconnect with each other and with reality. The relationship between dreams is often underrated even though dreams play an important role in connecting the conscious mind with the subconscious and forming a fluid web of different states of consciousness.

keeping the balance 69

exhibited in june 2022 at raum d, museumsquartier vienna 

Small bestie edition is a Variation of the work “keeping the Balance”. The sculpture plays with the 69 shape and brings it further into abstraction.  As it's hanging off the ceiling, only when the air turns them in the right position, the shape falls into the 69 and so, keeps the balance.
The embroidered elements drip off the sculpture in reminiscence of Reality that's slowly dripping out of existence and disrupts the perceived Balance.

inflatable sculptures

collaborative praxis with hannah neckel 
exhibited in multiple international exhibition in Geneva (CH), Vienna (AT), Burgenland (AT), etc
subverting reality
questioning this origin concept of unbased and romanticized perception of realities. placing these artificially appearing sculptures, which are inspired by online decentralized subcultures in our physical world.
dipped in a soft pink light, they are floating over into physicality and building an invisible bride between IRL & URL planting the bright pink inflatable sculptures in the physical environment they could seem like 3d rendered elements placed in augmented reality, but are physically present. transforming the space by intermediating between realities.
utilizing technical methods of art production, the sculptures glow with artificiality, highlighting the interference of the internet in every aspect of our life
instead of romanticizing and looking for solutions in the past, these works seduce you to accept what is now reality. instead of looking to the past we can strive towards a utopian possibility with future technology.